Volkswagen bought WirelessCar from Volvo

Volkswagen bought WirelessCar from Volvo

December 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The German concern is actively developing the technology, information and intellectual segment of the automotive segment. In the company’s global plans to change the existing market beyond recognition, for which other companies are bought and large sums invested.

The VAG group is one of the largest in the industry, which allows it to influence the modern market to some extent. But in the global plans of the concern to change the existing world beyond recognition. That is, in the future, we can expect from Volkswagen’s new services for the sale of new cars, various services, additional security functions, as well as systems of permanent connection of cars to servers.

This time, Volkswagen bought the Swedish company WirelessCar, a car connection system with servers and the Internet, as well as security systems based on this technology. The telematics company is one of the building blocks in moving towards the future. Volkswagen bought a 75.1% stake in WirelessCar for 1.1 billion Swedish kronor, which roughly corresponds to 121.4 million dollars. Currently, the Swedish company employs about 370 people.

VW plans that WirelessCar will provide it with the tools it needs to build a digital ecosystem, including a full car connection to Volkswagen Automotive Cloud.