Volkswagen begins building a factory in China for electric cars

Volkswagen begins building a factory in China for electric cars

October 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The German concern Volkswagen announced the construction of the first own plant exclusively for electric cars. A new electric vehicle plant will be built in Shanghai.

VW Group is entering a new level of production of electric vehicles. The press service announced the start of construction of a new plant in Shanghai, which will produce only electric vehicles. Construction of the new company SAIC Volkswagen will be completed in 2020, then the first electric car will be released there.

The new plant is located in Anting, Shanghai, and will be equipped with more than 1,400 units of fourth-generation industrial robots, and AI, AR and VR technologies. The plant will include a workshop for stamping and body welding, the production of batteries, and a test site and much more.

According to VW representatives, the capacity of the future enterprise consists of about 300,000 cars per year, including hybrid and all-electric models of all types.

“Thanks to the MEB platform from Volkswagen, we can easily produce the most advanced electric cars for our Chinese customers on a large scale,” – said Herbert Diez, chairman of the VW Group. We also recall that in June last year, VW opened a second FAW-Volkswagen plant in Foshan, which was another important milestone for the company’s electrification strategy in China.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen is going to sell cars on the Internet since 2020.