Volkswagen began taking orders for a new electric car ID.3

Volkswagen began taking orders for a new electric car ID.3

May 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The fact that German mark dealers will begin to accept orders for a new product on May 8, it became known early this month. In this case, the manufacturer did not completely “declassify” his electric car, retaining some intrigue.

Volkswagen has opened pre-orders for its electric ID.3 hatchback. Recall that in this index the number 3 indicates that the novelty belongs to the family of compact cars. The first batch will include 30,000 Volkswagen ID.3 1ST electric cars in a special version with an average battery capacity. According to media reports, those wishing to become owners of such an elektrokara will have to make a deposit equal to the sum of one thousand euros. A full-fledged price tag on a novelty in the home market will reach 40 thousand euros.

 It is known that the first buyers will receive the ordered electric cars only in the middle of next year. The novelty will be put on the conveyor at the end of the current year, and the debut of the serial Volkswagen ID.3 will be organized this month.

ID.3 will receive three modifications at once, the main difference between which will be in the power reserve. Thus, the basic version of electro hatch will be able to cover a distance of 330 kilometers on a single charge. The so-called “average” grade will get a distance of 420 kilometers. And the top-end Volkswagen ID.3, equipped with the most powerful battery, will be able to drive 550 kilometers.

Book a novelty can motorists from 29 European countries. According to experts, the residents of Germany, Austria, France, as well as Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom can be the most interested in the new electric car.