Volkswagen began selling two large pickups

Volkswagen began selling two large pickups

June 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

We are talking about the long-wheelbase versions of the large Amarok pickup truck. On sale such cars will appear in the car market of Australia.

Volkswagen has begun selling two large versions of the Amarok pickup with indexes XL and XXL. Due to the long base, the cars turned out to be very overall – their length reaches 5.9 meters. Special versions of Amarok were developed by the Veth Automotive atelier from the Netherlands, and not directly from Volkswagen.

Curious was the fact that the cars passed the certification of the Volkswagen brand itself – they are allowed to sell in the dealerships of official dealers. Amarox XL and Amarok XXL also have the same warranty as the regular versions. The basic modification for the cars was the Amarok pickup truck with a two-row cab. Due to the inserts behind the rear door, it was possible to increase the length of the body – in the case of Amarok XL by 310 mm, and with Amarok XXL by 650 mm. The length of the cargo compartment increased from the standard 1,555 mm to 1,865 and 2,205 mm in the case of versions XL and XXL, respectively.

In the Australian market, such cars can find their customers – this is evidenced by the successful sale of Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger models.
The cost of an additional package is already known – you will have to pay a considerable amount for this. The basic version of Volkswagen Amarok in Australia costs 38 940 Australian dollars. For the XL version, the surcharge will be $ 18,995, and for XXL you will have to pay $ 21,995

Volkswagen’s ID.Charger wall charging station was previously launched. You will have to pay 399 euros for it.