Volkswagen began selling extended versions of Amarok pickups

Volkswagen began selling extended versions of Amarok pickups

June 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

We are talking about specially designed models Amarok XL and Amarok XXL

In the world there are two large markets for the sale of pickups – these are Australia and the United States. According to Focus2move, over the past year, Australians bought more than 47,000 Toyota Hilux and over 40,000 Ford Ranger. At the same time, passenger cars like Toyota Corolla and Hyundai i30 took third and fourth places respectively.

In the autumn of the past, Dutch contractor Volkswagen, Veth Automotive, announced the release of two extended versions of the Amarok pickup truck, which are aimed at attracting exactly Australian customers. At the same time, Volkswagen itself did not participate in this at all, but at the same time it gives its guarantee for cars, and they are already assembled on site by the Australian company Adaptive Manufacturing.

The new products are based on a standard model in size. Its frame is cut in the central part, thus saving engineers from modifying the rear suspension and not increasing the rear overhang, and then an insert is welded into the place of the cut. The result is two versions with a total length of 5,564 mm and 5,904 mm versus the standard 5,254 mm. In addition, experts are reconfiguring the ESP system for a new wheelbase.

The cost of the modification to lengthen the pickups is 18,995 and 21,995 Australian dollars. Interestingly, Adaptive Manufacturing has the option of ordering a chassis and cab to create its own add-in instead of a body. In this case, the procurement will cost 10 595 and 13 595 Australian dollars, respectively. It is also worth recalling that buying a standard Volkswagen Amarok will cost an additional 38 940 Australian dollars.