Volkswagen Beetle turned into a buggy

Volkswagen Beetle turned into a buggy

May 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Beach buggy makes the world a happier place and you don’t need sand to enjoy the car. The tuners needed only the chassis from VW Beetle and the desire to tinker.

The fiberglass car body is the Prowler, which is essentially a copy of the GP body, which, like all beach buggies, is a copy of the original Meyers Manx. The body is very simple, without doors and openings.

This buggy was built using a completely new body in a company in Birmingham called Kingfisher Kustoms, which is led by lifelong buggy enthusiast Dave Fisher. Designed to withstand car stars, it uses an independent rear suspension from the 1302 Super Beetle, CV hinges and rear hubs from the VW Type 181 ‘Thing. ” In front are disc brakes from the standard Beetle, but with four to five studded adapters. Suitable tires are 215/60 R15s at the front and 275/50 R15s at the rear.

Beating sand is not environmentally friendly. This is the same problem as the owners of Ariel’s Nomad: where to use the car. In fact, Nomad is more like a modern beach buggy. Simple, minimalistic, easy and fun.