Volkswagen Beetle pickup made into tiny camper

Volkswagen Beetle pickup made into tiny camper

October 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Inside they placed a mattress for two and an outlet

Atelier Modern Classic Rides, specializing in car alteration, has presented a mini-camper based on the Volkswagen Beetle, previously turned into a pickup truck.

The head of the studio, Steve Goodfellow, took as a basis for his project a black New Beetle GLX hatchback from 2000, equipped with a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine. To begin with, the Beetle was stripped of the rear of the body, replacing it with a compact cargo platform. However, Goodfellow did not want to stop there and decided to turn the hatchback into a mini-camper.

The car was equipped with an awning, which in five minutes folds out into a tiny living module with a berth for two, and when folded takes up the entire cargo compartment of a pickup. The frame of the tent module is made of aluminum.

At the back of the camper, Goodfellow installed a 12-volt outlet and an additional USB connector, as well as a LED light for reading at night.

Earlier in the US state of Maine, a very strange motorhome was put up for sale, made of a Volkswagen Beetle sawn in half, which was welded on both sides to a van. Despite the presence of a steering wheel, the motorhome is probably not suitable for travel, but can only become a fancy lawn decoration.