Volkswagen Atlas is available in a new color from the Golf R

Volkswagen Atlas is available in a new color from the Golf R

May 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new cool Atlas body shade is called Racing Green.

During the recent debut of the new Basecamp styling package for the Volkswagen Atlas 2021 model year, we may have missed another new option that went unnoticed. Atlas was shown in all new images for the new off-road kit in a new color called Racing Green. Although this shade of green is not the only new color to be added to the color palette in 2021, VW says that it is the most radical and was part of a four-year process of creating paint, including market research and information gathering.

It is surprising that Volkswagen decided to use a shade of green on the updated Atlas, because, with the exception of a few rare cases, the German automaker tends to be conservative in its colors. According to statistics, in the United States, white cars account for 25% of all mid-size SUV sales, while red and blue each account for 10%. Volkswagen has long decided on the choice of color, as bold colors look great on small models such as the Golf GTI, but may not be suitable for large cars.

“Green has been adopted in industries such as fashion, cosmetics, and interior design. When consumers want to paint their living room walls green or buy a green daybed, this is a good indication that they will be ready to follow a similar trend in their next car, ”said Jung Lim Park, senior designer, Color & Trim, Design Center California.

VW designers have chosen the right shade of Racing Green from the fifth-generation Passat color scheme, which was produced from 1997 to 2006. This color was planned to be revived for the Passat 2020 model year, but more recently they decided to use it on the Golf R, where, as it turned out, it became one of the 10 most popular options.

But even though Volkswagen “dug” the name Racing Green from its history, this new shade is very different from previous iterations. VW claims that previous versions of Racing Green were close to the classic shade of British Racing Green, but the new Atlas color is a more modern interpretation. Designers gave the color a darker shade with a metallic effect to match current trends.

Along with the new green exterior, Volkswagen will also offer Atlas with a new interior color called Mauro Brown. Pyrit Silver Metallic and Aurora Red Chroma will also be new for 2021, replacing the outgoing silver and red colors of the 2020 model. We hope that the German manufacturer is ready to offer more exciting shades in its lineup, especially for the upcoming eighth generation Golf GTI.