Volkswagen asks US court to reconsider diesel gate decision

Volkswagen asks US court to reconsider diesel gate decision

August 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German concern asks the US District Court of Appeals to reconsider the decision on fines for exceeding diesel emissions.

The Volkswagen Group on Thursday asked the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider the ruling, which said the two counties could potentially demand billions of dollars in financial penalties for exceeding diesel emissions.

According to a June ruling, Salt Lake City County, Utah and Hillsborough County, Florida may claim “mind-boggling” damages for upgrades to Volkswagen vehicles that reduce CO2 emissions.

VW said in court documents on Thursday that the decision, if upheld, could have wide-ranging implications for the US auto industry and could force car companies to “either avoid maintaining or improving emission control systems for the vehicles they use … or pass it on to consumers. significantly increased compliance costs. “

VW asked a panel to reconsider its decision or to have an appellate court hear the case, warning that the decision could affect the millions of vehicles recalled annually for emissions and could lead to “regulatory chaos.”

Recall that Volkswagen confessed to using illegal software to cheat pollution tests in the United States in 2015.

VW says the case will determine whether the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “exclusively regulates aftermarket, nationwide changes to its vehicles’ emissions control systems, or, as the group argued, all 50 states and thousands of counties could also regulate this aftermarket. process”.

The court found that Volkswagen had settled more than $ 20 billion in criminal and civil claims in the United States over the emissions scandal, but that did not shield it from local and state government liability.

The judges wrote that they “remember that our conclusion could lead to overwhelming responsibility for Volkswagen. But this result is driven by behavior that Congress could not have foreseen: Volkswagen’s deliberate intervention in aftermarket vehicles to increase air pollution. “

US District Judge Charles Breuer, who ruled in VW’s favor in 2018 on the issue, noted that “the automaker’s potential fines could be as high as $ 30.6 million a day and $ 11.2 billion a year.”

The scandal has cost VW $ 35.5 billion in fines and car buyouts worldwide to date.