Volkswagen Arteon not received IIHS Top Safety Pick Award

Volkswagen Arteon not received IIHS Top Safety Pick Award

October 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The poor visibility and excessive brightness of the LED headlights failed the test.

These days, IIHS should be a headache for some manufacturers when it comes to headlight testing. The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon is the latest model to fail to receive the Top Safety Pick award because of headlights that IIHS considers “bad.” This should be especially unpleasant for VW, as Arteon received a rating of “Good” in six categories of IIHS crash test.

Despite having three different headlight configurations, each version received the same IIHS Bad rating. All Arteon headlights were LED, which also surprises with a “poor” rating, since in most tests of the IIHS headlights it was shown that the LEDs are superior to halogens when equipping the same vehicle. But the Arteon headlights had various problems, such as the base, static LEDs with “visibility imperfections” and curved adaptive LEDs (with and without automatic high beams) that had “excessive bright light.”

If only one of the headlight options were rated Acceptable, Arteon would receive the Top Safety Pick award. The front sedan collision avoidance system also performed well in testing. He managed to avoid collisions at a speed of both 12 miles per hour and 25 miles per hour, which brought Arteon an excellent rating in this part.

The result is offensive, but the headlights are the main safety component when driving at night. It is possible that VW will try to revise the lighting settings in the near future to earn one of those coveted TSP or TSP + awards.