Volkswagen Arteon coupe shown on renderings

Volkswagen Arteon coupe shown on renderings

May 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An independent designer developed a series of images of the German sedan in a new version.

Note that the Volkswagen Arteon was originally conceived as a coupe, having a very athletic appearance. So, the user under the nickname Zoki Nanco finalized the appearance of the familiar model, depriving it of the back row, and making the roof more angular.

So, in addition to the absence of a second pair of doors and a shorter wheelbase, you can see the “R” logo, enlarged wings and large wheels in the images. Also note the improved brakes and lower suspension.

From some angles the coupe even resembles the Audi TT. In addition, it is difficult not to notice that in this form the model looks more stylish and harmonious. However, it is not worth expecting Volkswagen to release the Arteon in a coupe.

Recall that we previously reported that Volkswagen is going to introduce the Arteon in the back of the Shooting Brake this year. It should be noted that in this design the car is also good looking.