Volkswagen Arteon and Tiguan will become hybrids

Volkswagen Arteon and Tiguan will become hybrids

April 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German automaker continues to expand its range of rechargeable hybrids, which now includes the Golf eHybrid and GTE, Passat GTE and the recently introduced Touareg R.

According to the press service of Volkswagen, before the end of the year the company will present hybrid versions of the Tiguan crossover and the Arteon liftback. Moreover, the gas-electric versions will be included in the updated families, and Arteon will also acquire a station wagon.

Note that Volkswagen has already brought prototypes of the Tiguan hybrid to some international car dealerships, but such a version can only be reached in China. So, the long-base Tiguan PHEV began to be produced there back in 2018.

The power plant of such a crossover consists of the usual 1.4 TSI gasoline turbo engine (150 hp), and a 116-horsepower electric motor is integrated into the DSG robotic gearbox. The total output of the unit is 218 hp, the capacity of the traction battery is 12.1 kW / h, but only the front-wheel drive. It is possible that the hybrid for Europe will have different characteristics and all-wheel drive transmission.

But the hybrid Arteon, as expected, will borrow the engines from its sister Passat, which has a 1.4 TSI turbo engine (156 hp), also working in tandem with an electric motor (115 hp) and a 6-speed DSG “robot”. As a result – 218 hp power. Traction battery – with a capacity of 13 kW / h. If everything goes according to plan, then new hybrids will enter the European market at the end of this year.