Volkswagen announced the cost of the 2025 Volkswagen Trinity

Volkswagen announced the cost of the 2025 Volkswagen Trinity

January 27, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

A week ago, Ralf Brandstätter confirmed the development of a new electric model from Volkswagen that he is presenting.

The luxury model, which will appear in 2025, is internally known as Project Trinity. The head of the company reveals new details about the upcoming model, including its price.

It will be another four long years before the ambitious Project Trinity, which Volkswagen has embarked on, becomes a reality. Last week, a top executive from the German brand confirmed the arrival of yet another new model in 2025, expanding the next-generation electric lineup and bringing together three important technologies.

Trinity will offer high-speed charging, Level 4 autonomous driving features and set a new standard for electric driving thanks to the enhanced MEB Evo platform, which debuts on this model. The information was provided by Ralph Brandstätter himself, Volkswagen CEO.

According to the head of Volkswagen, the mysterious Trinity Project 2025 is a model in category ID.3. Brandstätter provided interesting information in an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag and noted that it will be “a typical car that Volkswagen customers can afford, a dynamic and flat car with a length of just over four meters.

The head of the German brand claims that the upcoming model based on the Trinity project uses advanced technologies developed within the framework of Audi Artemis, such as connectivity or autonomous driving functions, surpassing the functions of level 2, perfectly compatible between different cars, despite the fact that they are based on different technical platforms. In this sense, he noted that the future electric car will have a starting price of about 35,000 euros to compete with Tesla from 2026.

Ralf Brandstätter also confirmed that it will be a production model headquartered in Wolfsburg, the first model from the brand to feature Audi’s Artemis software. Some of the information and data provided in this latest statement is far from what was originally expected. But these details, perhaps, only add to the mystery of this model.