Volkswagen and Microsoft will work together

Volkswagen and Microsoft will work together

September 29, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The two largest companies decided to combine their efforts in the creation and subsequent promotion of cloud services. It can almost certainly be assumed with confidence that the new services will help cars that are equipped with an autonomous control system to exchange traffic data with each other, etc.

At the moment no one will be surprised by such alliances when a well-known automobile brand unites with a company that is engaged in the creation of IT technologies. As a rule, as a result of such cooperation, a service is created that provides the owners of cars with a whole set of various applications that simplify the process of driving (navigation, music, etc.). This time, the German automotive brand Volkswagen decided to conclude an agreement with the US IT giant, Microsoft.

Volkswagen Automotive Cloud – this is the name received service, which combines a whole complex of services useful for the driver. What is most interesting, this cloud service is already functioning (though now only as an early prototype).

It is reported that through this system, car owners can get the necessary consultation directly from the car manufacturer. In addition, Volkswagen Automotive Cloud enables the allocation of the desired streaming content for playback on the multimedia system of the car. The system in the car can also be combined with the home Internet.

It is reported that for the full service of the service a separate company will be created, at the disposal of which there will be a whole lot of necessary equipment. The company will be located in the US. Microsoft will provide technical support for the cloud-based Volkswagen Automotive Cloud.

As part of a recent interview with representatives of the German automaker, it was possible to learn that Volkswagen cars will receive a new Volkswagen Automotive Cloud system starting in 2020. According to the plans of the company’s management, this service will be used by about 5,000,000 customers. Note that it is at the end of this decade that mass sales of the Volkswagen I.D electric car will be launched.