Volkswagen advised everyone to install an autonomous braking system

Volkswagen advised everyone to install an autonomous braking system

August 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Representatives of the German automaker say that thanks to the fully automatic braking system (AEB), up to 2500 accidents can be prevented annually. The company advised all manufacturers of commercial vehicles to install this system in their models.

As part of its recent press conference, the official representatives of the Volkswagen brand called on all world companies that manufacture commercial vans to equip their vehicles with autonomous emergency braking systems.

Autonomous emergency braking or AEB is an automatic system that automatically, regardless of the driver’s action, uses the braking system of the car. Triggering occurs in the event that the sensors of the vehicle signal an imminent collision. The system is designed to prevent accidents at low speed, such as accidents in the city, which occur through the fault of drivers, but also can prevent (or at least reduce the consequences) high-speed collisions.

Not long ago, the guys from a major research and testing organization Thatcham Research announced that it was the AEB that could be called “probably the most significant development of vehicle safety since the development of the seatbelt.”

According to the report of specialists of the Volkswagen brand, the installation of this system on all commercial vehicles in the UK can prevent up to 2500 accidents and about 350 deaths and serious injuries each year. As for cars, this autonomous braking technology will help to reduce by 38% of all accidents and save about 1,000 lives in the next decade.

As the current director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles said, “We are proud to be the leader in the use of AEB – this technology is installed in all our commercial models. Providing our customers with the safest and most reliable commercial vehicles is our important task. ”

Matthew Avery, research director at the Thatcham Research test center, added: “In view of the number of accidents involving vans that are increasing year by year, all automakers need to take a close look at the use of the AEB autonomous braking system.”