Virtual reality still got into cars

Virtual reality still got into cars

July 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The multimedia system of cars in the near future will be virtual. It is already being tested in Porsche.

Anyone who has tried virtual reality knows that it causes motion sickness. Now imagine the sensations of virtual reality in the backseat of a traveling car – and welcome to the future with Porsche!

Contrary to expectations, the new development “relieves the symptoms of motion sickness.” As the developers from Porsche and Holoride startup say, their multimedia system will allow passengers to dive into the many worlds of virtual reality.

The headset is equipped with various sensors and is connected with different car systems, which allows real-time adaptation of virtual reality to the dynamics of the car. Thus, if the car moves in an arc, the space shuttle, for example, in which a passenger “travels”, will also fly in an arc. The system is also able to adjust the duration of games and other entertainment for the time required for the trip.

    “Holoride opens up a new dimension of car entertainment. Over the past few weeks, the team has proven what this technology is capable of. We look forward to the next steps together, ” – says Anya Mertens, Smart Mobility project manager at Porsche.

The technology is already at the testing stage – the startup has set a goal to bring virtual reality car headsets to the market in the next three years. Prior to that, the new multimedia system will be available at various events. For example, at the Startup Autobahn Expo, which will be held in Stuttgart from July 23. If you fail to attend this event, do not be discouraged, because Porsche and Holoride will demonstrate the new system at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 20, 2019.