Virgin Galactic began training space tourists

Virgin Galactic began training space tourists

November 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This week, a private space company owned by Richard Branson has launched a program to prepare future astronauts for flight on the VSS Unity suborbital spacecraft.

The Astronaut Readiness Program is a preparatory course that all Virgin Galactic passengers will have to complete before they are allowed to board a ship for suborbital flight. Teachers are employees of the company, including chief astronaut instructor Beth Moses and chief pilot Dave Mackay.

 Both Mackay and Moses in February were aboard the VSS Unity, which climbed 88 km, so they can share their own experience.

Moses will also tell tourists how to behave during a flight, TechCrunch writes.

Under Armor, Virgin Galactic’s partner in this project, provides not only clothing for astronauts, but also develops a nutrition and fitness program for them. Virgin Galactic medical team is ready to advise each passenger. They do not have to comply with the strict requirements that are imposed on astronauts, but the company is obliged to provide them with medical supervision.

The feedback that the first passengers will provide with Virgin Galactic will help the company improve its model in the future.

Today, Virgin Galactic has 600 customers on the waiting list, ready to board the VSS Unity and soar above the atmosphere, seeing the round Earth and experiencing zero gravity. The flight lasts 90 minutes, the ticket price is $ 250,000. If everything goes according to plan, the first group will fly to the sky until the middle of next year.

By 2025, she promises to launch tourists into the “Gagarin’s orbit”, and for now is looking for specialists to develop the ship.