Vincent Van Gow: a cheap dog travel house

Vincent Van Gow: a cheap dog travel house

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Vanlife Customs has made the perfect Ford Transit camper for mountain bikers and dogs.

Among fans of car travel, the name of Vincent Van Gogh is for some reason very popular. He is persuaded this way and that to give a new sound. For example, in Canada there is a Van-Gogh based on the Chevy Van, and in England just Vincent based on the Vauxhall Movano.

Now there is another Vincent – Vanlife Customs from Denver (Colorado, USA) has released a practical and inexpensive “tourist” Vincent Van-Go. The basis for it was the Ford Transit with a medium-height roof and a 376-centimeter wheelbase. According to the company, the camper is designed for a bicycle lover traveling in the company of dogs.

The living space of the car is trimmed with light birch and furnished with custom-made Formica furniture. The kitchenette is equipped with gas hobs, a 85 liter fridge, a stainless steel sink that turns into a countertop, and an electric pump that collects water into the waste tank. The Baltic Birch toilet is hiding in a closet near the exit. A ventilation system is also provided, consisting of two Maxxair fans in the roof of the van.

For sleeping, there is a wide non-folding bed under which you can hide a pair of mountain bikes. A shower is mounted on the back door, which can only be taken while standing on the ground near the car.

Vincent Van Gow is not as spacious as, for example, the recently presented Transit Big Nugget at the Caravan Salon in Germany. But it is quite enough for a couple of travelers.