Villeneuve: Virtual safety car mode should be banned

Villeneuve: Virtual safety car mode should be banned

April 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Jacques Villeneuve, world champion in 1997, commenting on the race on the TV channels Sky Italia and Canal Plus, believes that the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan was boring – the intrigue of the race was spoiled by the decision to introduce a virtual car safety mode.

Jacques Villeneuve: “In my opinion, the race was absolutely boring. You see, the constant use of the DRS system completely spoiled it. In fact, there were no real overtakings at all. And when the opportunity arose to release the safety car, instead of it they introduced the virtual safety-car (VSC) mode, which finally killed the intrigue!

I believe that VSC should simply be banned from using during races. On Friday or Saturday – please, but not during the Grand Prix. This is not conducive to entertainment, and today the show was far from the best because of the virtual safe-car mode and the use of DRS. ”

At the same time, Villeneuve does not agree with the suggestion that Ferrari used dubious tactics during the race. From his point of view, Charles Lückler still could not help much to improve the position: “In any case, he was not fast enough. As for tactics, after qualifying he still had to start on Medium tires.

And then it all depended on how the events of the race would develop. But I can not say that in Scuderia used some kind of strange tactics or went on some risky experiment. ”