Vietnamese woodworker made an exact copy of the Audi Q7 from wood

Vietnamese woodworker made an exact copy of the Audi Q7 from wood

July 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The model is made in miniature, but the author tried to maximize the detail of a wooden car. The miniature Audi Q7 opens the doors, trunk and hood, and also has all the necessary steering gears.

An unusual car made from a piece of wood by a talented Vietnamese craftsman was shown on the Woodworking Art YouTube channel.

The author of the miniature in great detail recreated the updated Audi Q7. And this despite the fact that in the process of work, he relied only on photographs of the German crossover, which can be found on the Web.

This, by the way, did not prevent the master from finally creating a worthy analogue of Q7: the toy Audi SUV opens its doors, has windows, a spring suspension, stampings, etc.

All proportions and shapes are observed here, the only thing that a wooden copy does not have is frankly small details that are difficult to perform using carpentry tools. But branded logos and optics are present. The Audi Q7 made of wood is not the only such work on this channel. Prior to this, a copy of the legendary Japanese SUV Land Cruiser Prado was presented.

To create a copy of the Audi Q7, the author spent a little more than two weeks.