Video camera recorded Chinese woman in traffic offenders because of the banner with her portrait on the bus

Video camera recorded Chinese woman in traffic offenders because of the banner with her portrait on the bus

November 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A funny incident with a street facial recognition system happened recently in the Chinese city of Ningbo – an algorithm caught a woman crossing the road in the wrong place, fixing her portrait on a passing bus as a violation.

According to Abacus, the “violator” is Dong Mingzhu, she is an entrepreneur. City buses in Ningbo advertise her company. It became known about the offense committed by the Minchu when her face, along with an incorrectly written name and a fragment of her ID number, appeared on public screens showing portraits of violators of traffic rules or images of cars to passers-by (so the Chinese authorities shame violators). The “glitch” photo of the vaunted face recognition system has been the subject of numerous jokes in Chinese social networks. “Who is this man hooked on the bus?” A serious violation! ” – Writes one of the users of the Weibo network.

The Ningbo traffic police admitted the mistake and issued a statement in which it admitted the mistake and noted that the system’s algorithm had been changed – it should no longer take portraits as living people.

It is worth noting that Dong Mingzhu is not just an entrepreneur. Last year, Forbes called her the most influential businesswoman in China. Mingzhu is the executive director and chairman of the board of Gree Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of household and industrial air conditioners in the world. Dong is known for not having a single day off for the past 26 years.

Note that facial recognition systems are being introduced throughout China and are actively used to fix violations and search for criminals. At the same time, Chinese systems or their analogues operating in other countries cannot yet boast of an ideal accuracy of work.

Careless pedestrians crossing the road to red are a big problem in Chinese cities. In Shenzhen alone, the face recognition system recorded over 14,000 such violators in ten months. With information about violators in the cities work in different ways. In some, like in Ningbo, their photos are broadcast on public screens, while in others they simply write out fines. In addition, pedestrians are doused with water for crossing the road to red light in some cities in the Middle Kingdom.