Victory in the first race won by Jamie Chadwick

Victory in the first race won by Jamie Chadwick

May 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Hockenheim, the successful premiere of the W Series took place – a new championship in which only women participate, and the victory at its first stage went to the British racer Jamie Chadwick.

Jamie started the race from pole position, started well, but on the first lap she made a mistake, could not keep the car on the track in one of the turns and missed the lead. As she said after the finish, it was associated with problems with the gearbox, pursuing it throughout the distance.

The race was headed by Sarah Moore, but on the same lap a collision occurred between Emma Kimilyainen and Megan Gilks ​​- the Canadian simply knocked the Finnish racer car off the track, and as a result, both got off.

For several laps, the peloton drove behind the safety car, but on restart Chadwick went on the attack and after a couple of turns regained the lead. Alice Powell made her way to the third position, although she started only the sixth. A good start of the race and Beitske Visser, which could also have been expected from an experienced Dutch racer: soon after the restart she was already fourth.

However, she did not manage to catch up with the third position, Marta Garcia, but at the same time Sarah Moore herself pressed her. It is not excluded that Beitske continued to pursue problems with the machine, which prevented her from qualifying: with all her experience, she could not tear herself away from a whole group of rivals who were riding close behind her. However, perhaps it was a deceptive impression, because Beitske was still able to hold her position, having beaten off all the attacks, after which she again tried to increase the lead over the pursuers.

In the meantime, the situation in the leading group has stabilized: Chadwick, Powell and Garcia were separated by only a fraction of a second, while they were already three seconds away from Visser.

When it was less than six minutes to go, Garcia reduced the backlog from Powell and seemed to be preparing the attack. However, this did not come to that, and the Spanish racer crossed the finish line in three tenths behind the British rival.

And the victory in the W Series debut race, as one would expect, went to Jamie Chadwick. Although she made a mistake in the first round, she confidently corrected him and then did not leave the rest a single chance. However, this is quite understandable: with such an experience as hers, few of her rivals can boast. The top five in the first race looks like this: Chadwick, Powell, Garcia, Visser and Moore.

The second stage of the season will be held in two weeks on the Belgian highway in Zolder.