Vibrations – the cause of the wing failure on Vettel’s car

Vibrations – the cause of the wing failure on Vettel’s car

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Having taken the entire first row at the start, Ferrari hoped to consolidate the success in the race, but the Bahrain Grand Prix ended with a victorious double of Mercedes. By car, Charles Lecler had problems with the engine, and he missed the lead, finishing third. Sebastian Vettel made a mistake, which led to the breakdown of the front wing. As a result, the German made an extra pit stop and finished fifth in the race.

Charles Leclaire (3rd): “This is part of the race, and we know it. It was just not our day. In the final stage of the race there were problems with the power plant and the car lost pace. It is a pity, because before that it seemed that we are in complete control of the situation.

The team is disappointed, I am disappointed, but there was a lot of positive this weekend. The team prepared an amazing car for me – thank you so much for that. The car was easy to drive, and it is very good.

This happens in the sport – in any case, we take the best of this weekend. I first went up to the podium, although I did not get as much pleasure from it as I wanted. This is life, it happens, but we will come back stronger. ”

Sebastian Vettel (5th): “Not a race we wanted. We started the first and second, but did not finish in these positions. Disappointing evening. I started well, but around the middle of the first lap I realized that it was very difficult to drive a car. I guess Charles had fewer problems, and he overtook me without too much difficulty.

Then I lost my second position in the pit stop, but I was able to win. In the second segment, Medium tires worked a little better, but, in general, we did not have the right pace.

During the fight with Lewis I made a mistake in the fourth turn, one of the most difficult on the track. I suddenly lost control of the car, and turned it around. At the same time I damaged the tires, there was a strong vibration, which led to the breakdown of the front wing.

Today was the race of Charles, but he was very unlucky. I sympathize with him and the team. “

Mattia Binotto, Team Leader: “We are sorry for Charles. He led the majority of the race, drove the best lap of the race. He deserved to win, and only reliability problems, the causes of which we must investigate, prevented him from winning. This is unacceptable and shows how important everything is to do everything to the smallest detail.

As for Sebastian, this sometimes happens when you fight at the limit. It is important that the car was fast. The team also worked great, after a few quick pit stops. We are going home with many positive points. Obviously, there are things that we have to deal with, and we will continue to work on this. ”