Vettel: The car was driving fantastically!

Vettel: The car was driving fantastically!

October 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On Sunday morning, Sebastian Vettel won the qualification, providing Ferrari the first pole in Suzuka since 2006 …

Sebastian Vettel: “The weather conditions in the qualification were difficult and not at all the same as on Friday, but the main thing is that the sun is shining over the track today and the fans are happy!

We did not expect to conquer the entire first row, but with empty tanks and fresh tires, the car drove simply fantastic! There was a headwind in the “eski” in the first sector, and this is exactly what you need, because the car behaves even better with it – it seems that I slowed down only in the second corner! I liked the qualifications, but the work was only half done – I look forward to continuing the day.

Why at the end of the second session I sat in the cockpit with my eyes closed? This is not my first time doing this. I tried to imagine the passage of key sections of the route, and in my imagination the circle was about the same as I drove in the final – however, with my eyes open I drove even faster! ”