Vettel: Once you see Spa, you can not help but love it

Vettel: Once you see Spa, you can not help but love it

August 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

By tradition, the Belgian Grand Prix is ​​the first race after a summer break, and it will be held on the classic track in Spa for the 51st time. In total, in the history of Formula 1 there were 63 races in Belgium, and Ferrari won in 17 of them, including last year. It is believed that this track is the best suited car created in Maranello.

Charles Lecler: “The spa is one of the best tracks in the world and one of the most beautiful in the Formula 1 calendar. It is all the more pleasant to return behind the wheel after a summer break. The speed with which modern Formula 1 cars can go through turns is impressive, and on no other track is it felt like in the Spa.

First of all, I mean Eau Rouge – a bunch of turns on the site where the track goes uphill. When you first see it, you understand how narrow it is and how steep the climb. On dry asphalt, we drive there at full throttle, although due to overloads and other points, it is physically quite difficult, especially in the first laps.

But with each circle the neck gets used to the loads, the brain, perceiving all this information, also adapts, and Eau Rouge becomes the same turn as everyone else. We try to go through it at maximum speed, which contributes to a good lap time in general, but still this is in its own way a unique section of the track.

There are many other key points in the Spa, therefore, in order to achieve the best results in qualification, it is very important to correctly overcome all three sectors of the circle. In addition, it is very long, and if you are forced to interrupt one of the attempts, this will break your schedule in this part of the session. ”

Sebastian Vettel: “Spa – the legendary track, one of my favorites. It is unique – because of all these ups and downs, and mainly forests surround it. Of course, over time it changed, but the cars we drive changed also.

I remember the first time I spoke here in Formula 1, and compared with those times, some turns became easier to pass, because modern cars are more efficient in aerodynamics.

The link Eau Rouge, where the track goes uphill, can now be overcome at full speed, but it remains unique, although the same can be said about the Pouhon and Blanchimont turns – they are also very interesting.

You should try to get out of Eau Rouge perfectly in order to maintain the highest possible speed, accelerating towards the Les Combes ligament, where you can overtake due to the slipstream if you have chosen the gearbox gear ratios correctly.

After Pouhon, the circle configuration is just perfect, because you press the gas to the very Bus Stop chicane – at this point you can also try to get ahead of your opponent. Once having seen Spa, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the Belgian circuit. ”

Mattia Binotto, Team Leader: “In Belgium, the season will continue on the beautiful track in Spa, one of the most interesting on the calendar. For a while, we suspended work to recharge the batteries before returning to the track, and now we are ready to fight again. We are more than ever motivated and will strive to have a good second half of the season, which begins this weekend.

The Spa has a high average speed: in the first and last sectors there are long straight lines where it is important that the car has a high maximum speed, while in the middle sector there are many turns where it is necessary for the chassis to be well balanced. High downforce is required here, which usually affects the result. Therefore, we have to work on tuning the car to find the right compromise. ”