Vettel: I turned to Helmut Marco for advice

Vettel: I turned to Helmut Marco for advice

July 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Sebastian Vettel is not ready to part with Formula 1 after the end of the season and does not want to do this – such a recognition the racer made on the Austrian television channel ServusTV.

The four-time world champion spent the first stage of the season not in the best way: if Charles Lecler, his partner in Ferrari, went up to the podium, then the German finished only 10th. Therefore, on Monday, he wanted to be alone in order to analyze again.

“I went alone to the mountains, thinks well in the fresh air, especially after such a weekend,” said Sebastian. – Our plan did not work, the car lacked speed, and I lost a lot of time even before the safety car appeared on the track. Everything was far from perfect, the car was clearly worse than on Friday, and the race was difficult. ”

Many experts, including former Formula 1 racers Nico Rosberg and Ralph Schumacher, criticized Vettel for his awkward actions on the track at the time of the attack on Carlos Sainz, which ended in a U-turn.

Sebastian reacted to the statements of Rosberg as follows: “Nico draws too far-reaching conclusions. If it weren’t for the U-turn, I could have performed better. My partner had a good race, but I must be responsible for my result.

We are not at the level at which we should be. The team is doing everything possible, but there is still a lot of work ahead. At the beginning of the weekend, I found a normal rhythm, but then everything went wrong. Throughout the race it was pretty hard for me. “

Ferrari refused to renew the contract with Vettel after 2020, but he said that he was not ready to end his career: “Racing is my life, I don’t know what else I could do. Formula 1 is still my home, so in the coming weeks and months I just have to understand what options I have.

In theory, two vacancies may open in Mercedes, but I understand that Hamilton will remain in the team if he wants, and the victory of Bottas in Austria suggests that he also has good chances. It’s important to find what suits me. I spent a few previous years with Ferrari, which was interesting in my own way, but it took me a lot of energy.

So now I find myself in a new situation for myself. Money doesn’t bother me. It is much more important to be in a team where the atmosphere and surroundings suit me. I turned to Helmut Marco for advice right after I learned the news from Ferrari, but not because I wanted to talk about a possible contract, but because we understand each other very well.

I explained the situation, we had a frank conversation – let’s see what this will lead to. Honestly, I haven’t decided anything yet … “