Vettel: Excellent result you will not name

Vettel: Excellent result you will not name

April 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sebastian Vettel finished third in the Grand Prix of China, after which he acknowledged that Ferrari just did not have enough pace to impose the fight Mercedes.

Sebastian Vettel “I’m glad I got up on the podium, but the race was difficult. We tried to hold on to the Mercedes, but simply could not – they were quick from the start. Then I had an interesting duel with Max Verstappen – I enjoyed it. Of course, the main task was to catch up with Mercedes, but today they have too high speed. So Lewis and Valtteri are great!

If we talk about the battle with Max, I saw him approaching and realized that at the end the direct difference in speeds this year is quite substantial. I knew that he would make an attempt to attack, foresaw that he would try to take an internal trajectory, so I tried to take countermeasures to this, and I did it.

At that moment I almost lost control of the car, I had to “catch” it, but it was even good, because in the end I managed to be ahead of Max almost the length of the car body … It was quite fun! Although, I repeat, we would like to be somewhat faster.

As for the exchange of positions with Charles Leclaire, I felt that I could go faster, but it turned out that I could not find the right rhythm. Because of this, in a couple of places I blocked the wheels and lost the advantage that I had. But if we talk about the race in General, we just could not compete with Mercedes, and it is somewhat frustrating.

We have something to work on, and yet today we have shown a good result, although it is clear that you cannot call it excellent. ”