Very rare 1965 Citroen DS21 put up for sale

Very rare 1965 Citroen DS21 put up for sale

March 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A special 1965 Citroen DS21 production year with a bodywork from the famous Henri Chapron is now up for sale on the Hyman.Ltd website in St. Louis, Missouri, at a cost of $ 189,500

In 1955, when Citroen showed the DS model at the Paris auto show, Henri Chapron was so amazed by what he saw that he bought one copy directly from the enterprise and turned it into a convertible. Citroen liked the modified DS so much that the company began to sell and supply Chapron with DS cars, which he could upgrade to order from his customers.

Among the developments of Chapron are the Dandy coupe, the Concorde 4-seater coupe, the Majesty limo and the Decapotable convertible.

 The car on sale is one of the 35 DS21 Concorde coupes built. The car was prepared on December 10, 1965, about 2 months after Chapron received it for revision.

 It should be noted that the car was built for the French architect Jean Lavay, and it has electric windows, leather trim, an additional Jaeger dashboard, Marchal fog lights and Robergel wheels.

  The car body is made in dark blue and shell-gray. For revision, the architect paid an equivalent amount, $ 8,000 of that time, which now amounts to approximately $ 65 thousand.

 It is not known when the car was brought to the United States, but it is believed that he was in France most of the time.