Verstappen: We hoped to qualify higher

Verstappen: We hoped to qualify higher

September 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Pilots of Red Bull Racing were considered the favorites of the Grand Prix of Singapore, but in the qualification they failed to enter even the first three. The reason for this is the Ferrari pilots, who were unexpectedly fast on this track.

Max Verstappen (4th): “Before the weekend, we hoped to qualify above the second row, but already here we realized that the Ferrari and Mercedes cars are very fast. Yesterday it was clear that everyone could add, but they took a bigger step forward than we did, and we did not have the pace to fight for the pole.

In terms of balance, the car looked good, but we lacked traction, and we need to figure it out. I did not expect the Ferrari pilot to be on the pole, but they really worked hard, so we will need to work even harder.

We came here, intending to compete for the first row, and the fourth place is a little disappointing, but we did everything in our power and at least got ahead of one of the Mercedes cars. Let’s see what happens next, because something can happen in the race. “

Alexander Elbon (6th): “In the first part of the qualification, I felt that the car was not behaving as I would like, I was trying to achieve a better balance. By the last attempt, we changed something and I felt more confident.

This is all part of my training, I understand better how to make the car go faster on this highway. The track is very technical, so I’m waiting for a long and difficult race.

Of course, today I would like to be a little higher, and we still have something to work on, but on the whole, it feels good. I will focus on the positive aspects, take an ice bath before the race and will be ready to fight, starting from sixth place. “

Christian Horner, team leader: “After Alex and Max easily overcame the first and second parts of the qualification, in the finals Ferrari could find an incredible pace that was hard to beat. Max was able to add in the second attempt, but Hamilton also drove faster and pushed Max from 3 to 4 places.

Alex has a good weekend and qualified as the sixth – this is his best career result and a good achievement for his first performance in Singapore. We hoped to start the race from a higher position, but this did not happen. As we saw before, a lot can happen on the street track, so tomorrow’s Grand Prix should be interesting. ”