Verstappen: The fate of the race at 95% will be decided in the qualification

Verstappen: The fate of the race at 95% will be decided in the qualification

September 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Max Verstappen showed the second time in the second training session of the Grand Prix of Singapore. His partner Alexander Elbon was the fifth in the session, in which he broke the front wing …

Max Verstappen (2nd): “Good day. We are competitive, the machine worked perfectly in both training sessions. On a fast lap, I got into traffic in the last sector and improved my result by only two-tenths compared to a lap on Hard tires. Obviously, I could drive even faster.

We look very strong not only on a long, but also on a short series of circles, although Lewis Hamilton is very fast. It’s not easy to understand the alignment of forces on this track, the asphalt is lumpy, but driving a competitive car is really cool here.

There are always areas where you can add. The fate of the race is 95% decided in the qualification, and I am positive. ”

Alexander Elbon (5th): “Not the easiest day. Tires are hard to work with, especially on a long series of laps, but I focused on my speed and got used to the car. It feels good. The most important thing for me is to find the rhythm, which is not easy on this track.

The good thing is that I had a flight. Before that, I strongly attacked and blocked the wheels. I hit the barrier, which led to the breakdown of the front wing. This incident a little affected my self-confidence, but I’m glad that after that I showed normal lap times.

I have not performed on this track before, but the simulator gives a good idea. The track is very technical with a lot of turns, so that everything can end after a single mistake. I need to pilot cleanly when I attack to the limit.

In addition, everything is overheating in Singapore – not only me, but also tires with brakes, which complicates the task. I hope tomorrow I qualify in the second row, but we’ll see. ”