Verstappen sent to Formula E to work out the punishment

Verstappen sent to Formula E to work out the punishment

January 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For unsportsmanlike behavior during the Brazilian Grand Prix, the Red Bull rider will travel to Morocco for an electric car race.

E-racing365 reported that Max Verstappen was punished in the form of community service during the Formula E stage in Marrakesh, where he had flown the previous day. He will work as a steward on Saturday.

Recall that such a fine was awarded to a young rider for unsportsmanlike behavior in the paddock during the Brazilian Grand Prix. During the race, there was a clash between him and Esteban Okon, and after it the Dutchman went to understand, and in the end there was a small scuffle.

 Many then were on the side of Max, because in that race he was in the lead, and Okon decided to go for overtaking, which provoked the accident and deprived the opponent of a chance to win.

The FIA, led by Jean Todt, still found Verstappen guilty of an accident under Article 12.1.1 of the International Sports Code.

Earlier it was reported that the company Pirelli began to develop new tires for Formula 1 2021.