Verstappen: Qualification is the key to success in Singapore

Verstappen: Qualification is the key to success in Singapore

September 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last year, Max Verstappen finished second in Singapore, and hopes to perform no less successfully in 2019. His partner Alexander Elbon is waiting for his first career performance on the Marina Bay city circuit.

Max Verstappen: “Singapore has a great track, and the city looks amazing in the night. I like to fly in the light of the spotlights, because they give the character to the track. An interesting weekend, which is very different from the usual stages.

The track is very difficult – it is hot in Singapore, therefore it is physically difficult and you sweat a lot, but this is one of my favorite stages. There are a lot of turns on the highway – fast, slow and medium speed with small safety zones, so the route is diverse.

At this stage, we must perform better than in Monza and in the Spa. I finished second last year, and I hope that this time we will have a good weekend. Overtaking in Singapore is difficult, so qualifications are key.

I look forward to a calm racing weekend without losing ground at the start, which greatly complicates the task. We strive to earn maximum points! ”

Alexander Elbon: “The race in Singapore is the first away in the second half of the season, and I look forward to it. The Marina Bay route is new to me, and I will come to Singapore for the first time, so everything is interesting to me. I heard that this is one of the most difficult races from a physical point of view because of the high humidity and duration. In addition, there is no room for errors on the city highway. It will be fun, because I have never performed in such conditions.

To some extent, the race in Singapore is home to me, because the track is closest to Thailand, so my relatives and sponsors will come to support me, which will make the weekend even more exciting. Having worked on the simulator, I am ready for the stage, I look forward to returning to the RB15 steering wheel and going to the track in the light of the spotlights! ”