Verstappen: I hope that we will perform better in Russia

Verstappen: I hope that we will perform better in Russia

September 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The riders of the Red Bull Racing team spoke about what expectations they associate with the upcoming Grand Prix of Russia.

Alexander Elbon: “I was racing in Sochi when I was in Formula 2, and I won the race there, so I like this track and I will be happy to return to the familiar circuit.

The circle basically consists of 90-degree turns: if you manage to pass one of them well, then you can successfully cope with everyone else. There are also long straight lines where you can overtake, and in general the conditions will be completely different from those in hot and humid Singapore.

With every race I feel more comfortable driving a Red Bull Racing car, and I enjoy working with the team, especially when I got to know it closer. My goal at the Russian stage of the season is to make full use of everything that I learned and try to show the maximum possible result. “

Max Verstappen: “I am glad that I went up to the podium in Singapore, and the team made the right tactical decisions during the race, but now I am preparing for the Russian Grand Prix, where there will be more opportunities for overtaking.

The configuration of the track there is not so interesting, but unique in its own way, since most of the turns are 90-degree. We rarely deal with such, and in Sochi, after high-speed straight sections, it is always difficult to overcome slow corners, as well as to achieve the most efficient operation of the car under braking.

The track is very smooth, and in its most difficult turns it immediately becomes clear whether the car works well.

Ferrari racers were fast in Singapore, and straight sections in Sochi should fit their cars, but I have a number of considerations about our speed last weekend, we will analyze all this, and I hope that we will be able to perform better in Russia. ”