Verstappen: A very positive start

Verstappen: A very positive start

September 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There are a lot of long lines on the track in Sochi, so Ferrari racers are considered to be favorites here, but on Friday Max Verstappen showed the best time. The Red Bull Racing is positive about the rest of the weekend, despite the fact that both pilots will face a fine for replacing the engine.

Max Verstappen (1st): “A positive day, the car worked very well on both trains. We worked on our own program, tested various settings and achieved a good balance, especially in the last sector, but even in the first, with its long straight lines, we looked competitive.

When the car behaves as it should, in the last sector it literally comes to life, and after a strange weekend in Singapore it is pleasant to feel it. It seems like it may rain tomorrow, which will slightly confuse the cards, but we hope that the car will work well in such conditions.

Of course, in the qualification we will make every effort, at the start I will lose five positions, so it is very important to drive fast. But at least here you can overtake here and there, and if you are fast enough, you can break into the front ranks. Today is only Friday, it is too early to make any forecasts, because they will still add, but the beginning is very positive. ”

Alexander Elbon (10th): “The first training went well, but in the second I went off the track in the fourth corner and damaged the bottom. Unfortunately, because of this, I worked on the track less than we expected. I had to postpone everything, and when we returned to the track, there was always traffic on it, since everyone worked on long runs, and I could not drive clean circles.

I tried to stay away from problems and I heard that Bottas was behind me, but I did not know, while Lewis was right behind me, so it was my mistake to get in his way. But I will not say that I wasted the session because I definitely learned something. It’s nice to see what positions Max ended up in, to see that the car is again competitive.

I think the car is fast, we have a good pace. I just have to work on it for my part and have a cleaner session tomorrow. I feel more confident in the car – it takes time, but compared to Singapore, I think we look good. ”