Venture RV Sonic X became the best caravan of 2020

Venture RV Sonic X became the best caravan of 2020

November 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This travel car has everything from solar panels to off-road tires. Pricing starts at $ 47,000

We first wrote about the Venture RV Sonic X mobile home back in March of this year, when this project was still under development, but since then not a little time has passed and the trailer has already turned into a production model. Just as concept cars lose some of their features on the way to the finished product, the universal travel trailer has also lost some of its “chips”, but it is worth admitting that most of its truly cool functions have remained in place.

An impressive list of technical characteristics of the new product helped her win the competition for the title of the best automobile house in 2020 – this trailer has everything that you need, from solar panels to off-road tires.

 The walls of the presented concept were previously made of carbon fiber – now they are made of glossy fiberglass mounted on an aluminum frame. Prices for the new product start at $ 47,000.

 Four solar panels, combined with a 250-amp lithium-ion battery, a 2000-watt inverter and a 100-amp charger, turn the Sonic X into a reliable, stand-alone solution, ideal for traveling in remote areas. The trailer also boasts a water filtration system.

Venture RV offers options such as external bike mounts and a rear kayak. Inside, the furniture is euro-style with solid wood wardrobes and a Murphy bed with a foam mattress and storage under the bed, as well as designer armrests and LED lighting. It turns out that if you select absolutely all the possible functions in the online configurator, you can live in this caravan – everything will be there, from a microwave oven and an LED TV to a first-aid kit and a shower with glass doors.