Veitis Ev-Twin is a cool electric beaver

Veitis Ev-Twin is a cool electric beaver

December 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Electrification is gradually capturing the motorcycle segment, in which more and more models are presented. This time the serial version of the Veitis Ev-Twin, based on the BSA 1953 release, was shown.

Ev-Twin is an attractive retro bobber. True to its name, the electric engine really looks like a petrol V-twin, an engine suitable for this type of bike. A round headlight, turn signal repeaters and a classic “gas tank” complement the look. While most electric bikes have a strictly futuristic look. Ev-Twin turns everything upside down.

Despite its classic look, this is a modern motorcycle that hides the technology under the skin. It was built by hand in the UK, using a high-strength Reynolds 631 tube, K-Tech shock absorbers, Motogadget electronics and other Billet World components for the frame.

The motor still allows the motorcycle to quietly move around the track, completely replacing the gasoline engine. The power of the motorcycle is 11 kW, which allows the motorcycle to accelerate to 112 km / h. Power reserve is about 160 km at full charge of the battery.

Despite the fact that this is a cool bike, and there would be many who want to buy it, nevertheless, the Veitis Ev-Twin will be produced in modest lots. For the first year it is planned to release only 50 bobbers with a cost of $ 51,000 or more.