Vasser: You can not hold more races, keeping their format

Vasser: You can not hold more races, keeping their format

February 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Liberty Media have repeatedly talked about plans for expanding the Formula 1 calendar, but this idea did not meet with unanimous approval in the paddock. The head of Alfa Romeo Frederick Wasser sure that in order to increase the number of Grand Prix you need to change the format of the race weekend.

“If you take the course to increase the number of races, then you can not save the three-day weekend format, when you have to come to the track on Wednesday evening to start work on Thursday morning. In the end, this is unrealistic, – said Frederick Vasseur in an interview with RaceFans. – We cannot demand from our employees to work for four days in 25 stages. In this case, we must double the staff of the team, which will cost a lot. We are a small team and can not do it.

It is impossible to find a second specialist for some positions, for example, it is impossible for two people to occupy one position of a racing engineer. You can have a replacement for the mechanics, but not for all employees.

In my opinion, a shorter weekend will meet the expectations of fans, because if you want to attract new viewers, perhaps a younger age, we need to change the approach. The youth will not sit and watch the training for two hours. I could do it at the age of 18, but my children were not. ”

The head of the team also commented on the news about the possible participation of Mick Schumacher in the tests during the season along with Alfa Romeo Racing.

“We have a list of racers, and Mick is included in it, because he is one of the participants of Formula 2, meets all the requirements and can participate in youth tests,” said Vasser in an interview with the official site of the championship. – But we have not yet made a decision. There are several candidates on our list. We will continue to evaluate all options and discuss them with Ferrari.

First of all, we need to understand when we present major updates. If we do not have time to prepare them for the Grand Prix of Bahrain, then we will be able to conduct youth tests, and then together with the main pilots to fully work with the novelties in Barcelona. Or you can on the first tests to do some tasks, and others – on the second. This is a technical solution. Rider comments are important to us. It is difficult to find such a pilot who gives exhaustive comments, although he spent no more than two races. ”