Vasser: We want to earn points with two cars

Vasser: We want to earn points with two cars

April 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sauber racers earned points in Baku, and this weekend can open an account on the track in the capital of Azerbaijan and for Alfa Romeo …

Frederick Vasser, the head of the team “Usually I don’t spend too much time analyzing the past Grand Prix, it’s much more important that we return to the fight in better shape at the next stage, but after three races it makes sense to sum up some results.

In these races, we have demonstrated our form and potential of the car, although it was not without problems and difficult situations. Kimi did a great job, his feedback from the engineers is as accurate as possible. Antonio is not yet able to realize his potential, but this is only related to the team. Due to technical problems and loss of time on the track, he was not able to feel comfortable and get the maximum from the car. It is necessary to show patience and wait, I am sure – he will soon return to normal.

The Baku stage is associated with incidents and a safety car. Nobody knows how the upcoming race will end, but the goal is clear – we have done a lot for the team’s progress after the race in China and this time we want to earn points with two cars. ”

Kimi Raikkonen: “I usually avoid forecasts, especially in Baku, where anything can happen. Usually we are successful, we have a fast car, but we need to constantly progress to match the pace of the rivals, to remain “the best of the rest” – and earn as many points as possible. ”

Antonio Giovinazzi: “Between the races, I saw how my fellow countryman Fabio Fonini won the ATP tennis tournament in Monte Carlo — I am going to Baku with the same spirit. On this route I won two races in GP2, I like to play there. I hope this weekend I can realize the potential of our car. ”