Vario Perfect is a German mobile home where the car will fit

Vario Perfect is a German mobile home where the car will fit

June 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

To go traveling, you do not need to pay money for hotels.

The problem of renting a room in a hotel or at home, as well as paying for a parking lot, is decided by a motor home. This technique enjoys great popularity among the Germans. Most recently, the company engaged in the assembly of campers, showed the public the original bus in which the car can easily fit. This is Vario Perfect, which has already come to taste of many travelers. Motorhome developed and built the company Vario Mobil. The novelty is designed for lovers of absolute comfort on long journeys.

In the car, a family of 4 people is freely placed. In the “stern” of the trailer is located the garage compartment. Experts were convinced that inside Mercedes A-Сlass freely entered.

  Under the hood of a motorhome – a diesel power unit from Mercedes-Benz, producing 430 liters. with. Such power allows you to confidently feel the vehicle on the road. The mass of equipment can reach up to 25 tons (minimum 14 tons). According to preliminary information, the cost of a mobile home varies between 1.1 million euros.

  Inside there is everything you need for a long stay: a living room, a room with a large bed, a toilet, a shower room, a kitchen. At the same time, bay windows are moved apart, which allows changing the area of ​​the hall and bedrooms. Obviously, the interior is designed for non-poor travelers: countertops made of walnut, and mahogany furniture. Chairs, sofa upholstered in white leather, the panels are made of granite. There are a couple of plasma TVs and an audio system. Works adjustable “climate control”.