Valtteri Bottas wins Portuguese Grand Prix qualifying

Valtteri Bottas wins Portuguese Grand Prix qualifying

May 1, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The season is gaining momentum – the Portuguese Grand Prix promises to be no less interesting than the previous two races.

On Saturday, May 1, qualification took place for the third stage of the Formula 1 World Championship – the Portuguese Grand Prix. Already in the first segment, the results were quite unexpected.

The Haas pilots Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin traditionally closed the protocol. Mick could not build on the success of the third session of free races and go further. Nicholas Latifi finished 18th at Williams and, unlike his partner, could not go further. But the main surprise was the failures of Dan Riccardo and Lance Stroll, who will go into battle from 16th and 17th positions. Let’s jump ahead and say that their partners were able to get to the final qualification segment.

In the second segment, the pilot of the Mercedes team set the tone. Lewis Hamilton was able to show a fantastic time of 1: 17: 968 and was ahead of his partner by 0.490 seconds. And the Briton did it on a medium. It is noteworthy that most of the favorites preferred the medium in order to avoid early wear of the rubber in the race.

However, not everyone succeeded – in particular, Carlos Sainz at Ferrari was able to get into the top ten only on software, while his partner did it on the softest tires. Finally, the performance of Sebastian Vettel at the Aston Martin was possible – he managed to go further on the softest tires.

The real hero of the second part of qualifying was George Russell, who was 0.057 seconds short of taking Williams into the third qualifying segment.

The twelfth was Antonio Giovinazzi and for him this is a success. But Fernando Alonso fell -13th place, especially against the backdrop of the success of Esteban Okon. The 14th and 15th places were taken by Yuki Tsunoda and Kimi Raikkonen, who also lost to their teammates.

In the third segment, during the first attempt, Maxi Verstappen drove off the track in one of the corners, which is why his result was canceled. But Valtteri Bottas headed the protocol, ahead of Lewis Hamilton by just 0.007 seconds. During the second attempt, few managed to improve their positions. As a result, Bottas will go into battle from pole position, and Hamilton will start next to him. “Red Bull” is clearly behind not only in positions, but also in pace – Verstappen and Perez have become 3 and 4.

Excellent qualification for Carlos Sainz – he is fifth and his partner Charles Leclerc is in 8th place. The hero of the third segment can be called Esteban Okon on “Alpin”, which eventually became the sixth. The seventh position belongs to Lando Norris, and Pierre Gasly and Sebastian Vettel closed the TOP-10.

Meanwhile, the new Mercedes-AMG One supercar was covered up at the Nurburgring during tests. This time it was possible to assess the full power of the car on video.