Valtteri Bottas: In Sochi, I have unfinished business

Valtteri Bottas: In Sochi, I have unfinished business

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Singapore, Mercedes clearly created more favorable conditions for Lewis Hamilton – this was both in the Saturday qualification, and during the Grand Prix. Valtteri Bottas was clearly dissatisfied with this, but was forced to put up with what was happening, given his status in the team. However, he made it clear that in Sochi he would try to recoup.

Valtteri Bottas: “I don’t know to what extent Ferrari kept their pace during the race, but I felt that we had a fast car, that it was capable of good speed.

The race seemed to me very long, and for two hours I was waiting for some opportunity to improve my position. But nothing came of it either at the expense of the pit stop, or later, given at what moments a safety car appeared on the track.

Lewis went to the boxes later, so he rode on a more recent tire, and to attack on the Singapore highway, you need to be two seconds faster than your opponent. At the end of the race I tried to drive the best lap, and I even succeeded, but then Kevin Magnussen held his second pit stop, getting fresh tires, after which it was too late to do anything.

Before the race in Sochi, I will visit the base of the team, it will be on Tuesday, where together with the team we will analyze the Singapore Grand Prix in detail, and I expect that the discussion of tactics will be, as always, open and honest. After such a weekend, we must draw certain conclusions and learn many lessons.

Personally, I will prepare for the race in Russia with a special attitude, remembering the successful experience of previous performances at the Sochi Autodrom, and I will try, as before, to find a good rhythm on this track. I believe that I still have unfinished business there. ”