Valentino Rossi: I won 89 MotoGP races

Valentino Rossi: I won 89 MotoGP races

July 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Valentino Rossi continues to struggle with the dry series in the prime class, hoping to return to the top of the podium, and recalled how many victories he has in MotoGP. It’s hard to argue, Rossi is a great racer, a legend in action.

The last time Valentino Rossi was in the first place of the podium, when in 2017 he won the Grand Prix of Assen. At the moment, the Doctor has not won 36 races in a row. This result, if I may say so, is not an anti-record for the Italian. At the time of the Ducati tournaments, the Italian did not win for 44 races.

“Of course, I don’t like the absence of victories, but this has already happened to me – in the end, I managed to get back to the top,” – Rossi said.

In total, Valentino Rossi won 89 races in the royal class. In second place is Giacomo Agostini (68 wins). Marc Marquez has 49 victories.

“I won 89 MotoGP races … I’m not so bad! I’m not too upset if I’ll stop at this point, ”said Valentino and grinned. “I don’t give up, because today it’s old for motorsport, it was the same last year, and five years ago, too.”

Over the past five years, Rossi has won just nine races. He had a chance to win the title in 2015, but failed because of very controversial circumstances that fans will never forget. Many still believe that Marquez and Lorenzo then conspired against the veteran.

“I honestly do not feel that I am ready to surrender, that I cannot focus, that I have no motivation. There is no reason why this year was 20 seconds slower in Sachsenring than in the past, said Rossi, who lost 19.11 seconds to winner Marc Marquez. “I think we can sort it out and return to the previous level.”

In 2013, Valentino Rossi, returning to Yamaha, lost Lorenzo nearly 100 points. The Italian was very upset, and he broke up with Jeremy Burgess, inviting Silvano Galbuzeru.

“I do not think the problem is in Silvano. I like my whole team. We have worked closely with Silvano for many years, ” – said Rossi.

Rossi contract is calculated until the end of 2020.