Valentino Rossi celebrated 23 years in the Big Prizes

Valentino Rossi celebrated 23 years in the Big Prizes

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Valentino Rossi celebrates the 23rd anniversary of performances in the Grand Prix and made a good gift in the form of a podium. The doctor finally interrupted the series of failed performances, winning second place at the 2019 Grand Prix of Argentina.

Valentino made his debut 23 years ago at the Malaysian Grand Prix 1996 in the category GP125, taking sixth place.

“I watched photos in the morning. He cheered up a little because it was a completely different era, like black and white television, ”said Rossi and smiled.

Speaking about his record career, Rossi divided it into two parts:

    won with ease and ease;
    hard struggle with the younger generation.

Valentino Rossi added: “In the first half of my career I won a lot of races, a lot of championships, and then the time came when everything changed, because younger and stronger rivals appeared. In such a situation it is important to make a choice: stay at home and look at your trophies, continue to struggle and enjoy your favorite work. I think the second option is my case. ”

Valentino Rossi 233 times stood on the podium of the Grand Prix, but the second place in Argentina was special.

“I am very happy because I did not win prizes from last year’s German Grand Prix. “He hasn’t been on the podium for too long,” said the Doctor. – In last year’s races in Valencia and Malaysia, he performed well, had chances for prizes, but made two mistakes and failed.

The prize place in Argentina is very important for me, for the team, and for Yamaha. Great weekend. We did a great job on the settings and showed normal results from the very first practice. I’m in good shape. ”