Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson wants to challenge Tesla

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson wants to challenge Tesla

February 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The British company Dyson has more than a quarter of a century of experience in creating household appliances. Currently, the brand manufactures its products in Singapore and Malaysia, has a staff of over 7,000 people and wants to enter a new market for itself.

According to Autocar, the executive director of Dyson and ex-president of Infiniti, Jim Rowan, confirmed that the company is working on his first car and told how it will differ from competitors. According to him, Dyson has produced more than 50 million electric motors, and this experience will allow her to make a car company different from its competitors. He also did not miss the opportunity to “prick” a competitor in the face of Tesla: “Unlike Tesla, if you order a Dyson electric car, you will get it right on time and qualitatively assembled.”

Dyson planned its expansion into the automotive market a couple of years ago. Then it was reported that the company will allocate at least 2.68 billion US dollars for the development of the first electric vehicle, and the emphasis will be placed not on traditional lithium-ion batteries, but on solid-state ones, since they are easier to recycle, and, according to Dyson, they are more efficient.

The brand is going to present the first premium-class car next year, and after running in the relevant technologies it plans to launch two mass models on the market. As for their appearance, while this is a secret sealed with seven seals: the company still has not shown a single sketch of its future models.