Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson closes electric car project

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson closes electric car project

October 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Management could not find buyers

Dyson management announced the closure of the project to create an electric car. According to the director of the company, it has ceased to be profitable, because for two years it was not possible to find buyers.

In his address, James Dyson noted that such a decision is not the result of “unsuccessful development or team errors.” He added that the company’s employees were able to create an excellent electric car and have nothing to do with the closure of the project.

Now management is busy creating alternative jobs for those who were involved in the project. Dyson said that if someone does not want to stay in the company, they will be given “decent support in accordance with the contribution to the project.”

“We will continue to develop our other global projects in Malmesbury, Hallavington, Singapore. We will also focus on the development of solid-state batteries and other fundamental areas, such as sensor technology, video surveillance systems, robotics, computer training, artificial intelligence, ”added the head.

The fact that Dyson is developing an electric car became known in September 2017. Then the leadership announced that it has been working for three years to create batteries and an electric vehicle. This year, the first patents were published with which the company disclosed data on the dynamics and effectiveness of the car.

The board of the automobile project board included people who worked for Aston Martin and BMW. It was expected that the electric car from Dyson will compete with the premium cars Jaguar Land Rover and Tesla. They were planning to establish production in Singapore, and start mass production in 2020.