Used Lexus LFA with unexpected palette sells more expensive than new

Used Lexus LFA with unexpected palette sells more expensive than new

January 31, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Rear-wheel drive supercar Lexus LFA became the first car of the brand in its class. The serial model after a series of concepts came out only in 2009. However, this did not prevent her from being called a classic now.

This 2012 Japanese supercar with chassis number 095 is for sale by Hyper Voitures. The car was estimated at 680 thousand dollars

Over the years, this car, contrary to the laws of the secondary market, only grew in price, which is possible only with rare cars and supercars. The new Lexus LFA was estimated at just under $ 400,000.

The car body is painted pearl brown. It looks quite peculiar against the background of the orange leather interior. This combination can scare off many buyers.

The supercar is equipped with a 4.8-liter V10 LFA engine with 560 hp. It accelerates to a maximum of 326 km / h. Such a supercar will gain a hundred in just 3.7 seconds. Japanese engineers managed to land the motor as close to the ground as possible, which helped lower the center of gravity. This layout has a positive effect on the handling of the supercar.

The copy put up for sale has hardly traveled: its escape is only 1,728 kilometers.

Meanwhile, Superformance has made a modern copy of the legendary Shelby Daytona. Such a sports car is much cheaper than the original.