US Attorney’s Office claims Uber’s innocence in the deadly accident of 2018

US Attorney’s Office claims Uber’s innocence in the deadly accident of 2018

March 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The US prosecutor’s office has removed from Uber responsibility for the death of a pedestrian in last year’s accident involving an unmanned vehicle. However, the driver of Rafaela Vásquez, who was driving at the time of the accident, should go to the police for additional investigation. Details of the case passes Reuters.

The deadly accident occurred in March 2018 in Arizona. The Uber-owned Volvo XC90 drove in unmanned mode. At this time, a 49-year-old woman was crossing the roadway in the wrong place. She walked and drove a bicycle nearby. The drone did not recognize the obstacle and made a run over.

After the incident, Uber suspended tests of its self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Toronto and Phoenix.

A video of the accident was soon published. According to it, it became clear that neither the autopilot nor the driver had even made any attempts to slow down.

Then the head of the city police Tempe Sylvia Moir said that “it was quite obvious that it was very difficult to avoid a collision, regardless of whether the car was in autonomous or manual mode, because a pedestrian had jumped out of the shadows onto the road.”

A year ago, we held a different point of view: “Judging by the“ picture ”, the autopilot is simply“ blind ”and does not see anything in the dark. A woman was knocked down when she crossed half the road. It is difficult to agree with the position of the police, in our opinion, the fault of the drone is obvious. The autopilot must see a better person and respond faster, otherwise why is he needed? ”

Despite the fact that the prosecutor’s office has now dropped charges against Uber, it’s premature to talk about the full rehabilitation of the company’s image. Still, it was she who made the mistake, because the autopilot system was flawed, and releasing it in such a form on public roads was a big risk, which ultimately led to an accident.

By the way, Rafaela Vasquez was not without sin. At the time of the accident, she watched an analogue of the show “The Voice” and did not follow the situation at all. Most likely, with due diligence, she could if not prevent an accident, then at least mitigate its consequences.

Before joining Uber, Vázquez was serving a prison sentence twice: in 1999 for giving false testimony to government officials and in 2001–2004 for attempting an armed robbery. Raphael is a transvestite.

In December 2018, Uber resumed testing in Pittsburgh. The government allowed the company to conduct tests only in good weather and on an approved route. At the same time in the car must be at least two employees.