UPS ordered a large batch of trucks Tesla Semi

UPS ordered a large batch of trucks Tesla Semi

December 20, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

It seems that despite all the difficulties that Tesla experiencing with increasing the level of production of its cars, potential customers still believe in the brand, and not only private customers, but also the largest companies believe.

As informs news agency Cnet, large American post company UPS has ordered from Ilon Musk company at once 125 trucks Semi. At the moment this is the largest order, although just a week ago another 100 trucks were ordered by Pepsi.

UPS Press Officer Juan Perez commented on the deal as follows: “These innovative electric trucks are ready to enter a new era of improved safety, reduced environmental impact and reduced cost of ownership.”

Such an order on the part of UPS is conditioned by the previously adopted strategy, which provides for switching to alternative energy sources. By 2020, every fourth company’s post car will be equipped with an electric power unit, and in general, UPS is going to reduce the consumption of gasoline and diesel by almost two times by 2025.