Upgraded Lexus IS300 has become more powerful Bugatti Veyron

Upgraded Lexus IS300 has become more powerful Bugatti Veyron

January 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Under the hood of a Japanese sedan hides the legendary 2JZ engine with 40-pound supercharging. The car is currently sold, only there is no data on prices.

I must say that the first-generation Lexus IS300 and its standard equipment cannot be called a slow car, because the V8 engine is hidden under its hood. But as always, there were such guys who thought it was too little. 1000 horsepower – just such power is worthy of this car, they thought, and began to work.

The owner of this far from ordinary Lexus IS300 is a man named Jerry and he is incredibly much like the departed but not forgotten frontman of the Grateful Dead group, Jerry Garcia. He bought his car in 2003. The car received a turbocharger almost immediately after purchase.

The desire to increase the power of his already not a weak car – at that time, under the hood of the Lexus IS300 was about 500 hp, appeared to the guy a few years ago.

Jerry decided to significantly upgrade the legendary engine Toyota 2JZ, which at one time was equipped with a sports coupe Toyota Supra RZ (JZA80). For this, he equipped it with a turbocharger. Jerry says that now the engine can develop 1027 hp power and 1147 Nm of torque.

The gearbox is a modernized 6-speed manual, the rear differential of which it was decided to leave.

As the owner of this car says, he is simply out of control, so he basically puts the engine power at 760 hp – for this turbine, he puts on 23 pounds of boost.