Upgraded BMW X2 went for tests

Upgraded BMW X2 went for tests

April 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The updated crossover will receive a grille from the 5 Series, a slightly modified front panel and much more.

BMW updates crossover X2. A plug-in hybrid model is already presented with facelift, but this version has two tailpipes and a large silencer that is clearly visible at the rear. In addition, there are no stickers warning of high-voltage batteries inside.

Technically, this is the first public demonstration of the X2 non-hybrid test car with the upcoming facelift. The crossover will receive a slightly revised front panel with modified ventilation openings and a lighting system. The round high-beam headlights that this prototype seen near the Nurburgring demonstrates are actually just mimicking stickers. The standard X2 will receive new headlights and a wider grille, similar to the new X2 PHEV.

The profile and feed of the upcoming BMW X2 look identical to the current model. In an attempt to maintain secrecy, the X2 badge is sealed with tape, but it is still easy to read. What will happen to the slightly updated X2 under the hood is still unknown, but the engine range will almost certainly remain unchanged. The same applies to the interior, although there is always an option with a larger touch screen.